Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hey, where am I?

Image Credit: Daly Beauty
If you've been here before, you may look around and think you haven't. After a loooong absence from blogging (on this site, anyway), I'm back with a new center and an old-fashioned facelift.

I'm still Kristen Brockmeyer, Freelance Writer, but I've put the general write-for-hire projects aside to focus on my true love. Which is, appropriately enough, true love! I'm taking my shift in writing subjects seriously and have joined up with the Romance Writers of America (RWA) and the nearest local chapter to me, the wonderful Mid-Michigan Romance Writers of America (MMRWA).

Previous non-fiction posts have all come down, with the exception of an article on procrastination, which of course applies to most of us writers. Future posts will include pieces on the genre, romance writing how-to's, staying motivated, excerpts, progress toward the publication of my own first romance novel (and future ones, I hope!), as well as interviews and reviews of other romance authors and their books.

If you love romance, stick around - it should be fun times!

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