Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We thank our soldiers for their service.
Like a lot of us, I'm back at work today after a three-day weekend.  It wasn't the most productive, writing-wise, but I do love a string of days away from the day job!

The weather was chilly, rainy and generally uncooperative, but that didn't deter my Cub Scout from marching in the annual Climax Memorial Day parade. It's one of my favorite events of the year - the quintessential small-town parade with a big turn-out, a little marching band, lots of classic cars and more tractors than you can count. This year, I even saw a horse in overalls. That vintage-looking pic of my Cub Scout was taken at last year's parade, which was about 35 degrees hotter than this year's drizzly 54 degrees. Don't tell anyone, but I liked this year's weather better!

As far as writing goes, I'll have to kick back into gear this week. I'm still hovering at 110 pages, and have 90 more to go before next month's MMRWA meeting on June 15, according to the goal I set at the last meeting.

Looks like I have a date with the camper. And the temperature jumped today, so I won't even need a space heater! I've also got a five-day vacation day stretch starting on Friday and I hope to be out writing every night after the kids go to bed. Ninety pages in 18 days? I can do that! (Right?!)

Where are you at in your current manuscript? Do you set goals for yourself or just write by the seat of your pants?