Monday, November 18, 2013

Time Out for To-Do Lists

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Man, these last couple of weeks have been hairy. Anybody else feel like they've been in over their heads this past month? I'm tightroping through all sorts of obligations and I've let the writing-related things slip by the wayside. (Except for reviews. I've gotten those out, mostly on time!)

Headslap moment! Paused here to go pay my license and registration renewal online. Saturday's my birthday and I almost forgot. That would have been a $47 memory lapse...

Today's the first day I've gotten to sit for a second and take stock of where I'm at. So, if you'll bear with me, I'm going to hash out a to-do list. If it's out here and not scribbled on a sticky note somewhere, I'm thinking I have a better chance of getting things done.

1. Start writing again nightly: Book 2 of the Lucky series. I'm supposed to be doing NaNo, but I've only gotten about 2,500 words written. Less focus on word count, more focus on getting words on paper! Beating myself up over it, though, is non-productive and just plain mean.

2. Decide what to do with Small Town Love. I found out that my second book, Small Town Love, didn't make it into the top 10 of Harlequin's SYTYCW contest. Got some great, encouraging feedback, but I don't want to rework the book as completely as the editor suggested. Maybe put this out to my critique friends for a second and third opinion?

3. Get going again on social media. I was chugging along pretty good there for a bit, blogging regularly, participating on Twitter, posting to FB, but I've slowed down. Gotsta socialize more! Within reason, that is...

4. Blog post for MMRWA. Promised a friend I'd write a post on reviewing, and almost forgot about it, until- I found a scribbled sticky note just now. Cover how I got into it, why I do it, how to write one, and how to convey what you like about a book, per Diane's request.

5. Look into CreateSpace. I'd like Lucky in Love to be Lucky in Print, so I've been researching how to get there. CreateSpace looks like a good option, so it's time to get the ball rolling.

It's not nearly a full list, but it's a start. Do you believe in the power of a to-do list? Is yours normally 8.5 miles long, like mine is?

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