Friday, December 6, 2013

The Top 5 Weirdest Keywords that Landed People Here

If you blog, have you ever taken time to look at your stats section? It's not all just numbers. Sometimes there's some crazy stuff in there. For example, here are the top five weirdest search phrases that have brought readers to my site:

5. "Mean face" 

Come one, is this face really that intimidating?

Okay, sorry. That was taken a couple of years ago when I was really pregnant. 

4. "Vintage secretary"

Image Credit:
Vavoom. Maybe not quite the vintage secretary (pinup) Googlers were searching for...

3. "Kristen Brockmeyer foreclosure"

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Yeah, seriously. There's probably not too many Kristen Brockmeyers out there who lost their homes during the mortgage boom and were interviewed by Glamour magazine afterward (I'd link the article, but it's not flattering. Yuck.).  Kind of creepy, though, that phrase being searched by someone so specifically! 

2. "Kurt Cobain"

Kurt Cobain: Image Credit
Dearly departed lead singer of the 90's grunge band, Nirvana. Mentioned him once in passing and he's been bringing in blog hits ever since...

1. "shot in the butt"

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Wait, what? What kind of blog do you think I'm running here that I'd use that sort of phrase? Oh, wait, I did use it, when I was reviewing Diane Burton's One Red Shoe. Sorry.

What's the weirdest search term anyone's used to end up your blog? [  

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