Friday, February 14, 2014

Awkward Vintage Valentines (Because nothing says true love like false teeth.)

If you haven't yet given your special someone a sweet Valentine to mark the day, I've put together a small collection of awkward vintage Valentines for your consideration... or not.

Skidoo. Skidoo, I say.

Image Credit: 22 Words

Because nothing says true love like false teeth.

Image Credit: Lumpy Dumpling (Pinterest)

Got any Valentine's Day plans? How about dinner and a movie?

Image Credit: Lumpy Dumpling (Pinterest)

You know. Because I won't trip over an endtable and drop it or something.

Image Credit: Kitty Stampede

I don't get it (is it the dog who cares?), but I'm still laughing. 

Image Credit: Boing Boing

And one more, just for you. This awkward, squinty little ferret (mongoose? possum? honey badger?) wants you to be his Valentine. Or lunch, maybe.

Image Credit: Obake Style (Pinterest)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! [  

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