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MaGM #4: Meet Author Nancy Gideon

Woohoo - there's a chance it's actually Monday when you're reading this! Well, unless something crazy happens between now and the time I hit the post button... Welcome to Meet and Greet Monday, where we pull an author or reader of romance out from out of that book they're buried in, drag them in front of everyone and introduce them! Please wave hello to today's featured guest, author Nancy Gideon:

You see that 24-carat gleam in her eye? Nancy was on a bling-buying expedition in Nawleans.

Heya, Nancy - thanks for coming! I'm really looking forward to this interview. I know you're gonna have some good answers for us... *rubs hands together gleefully* 

First, I'm going to ask you a handful of random questions, just because I'm nosy. Starting with: what fairy tale character do you most identify with?

Gretel from the movie Hansel & Gretel, Witch Hunters. If only I looked that bad@ss in leather!  Lie around helplessly and wait to be rescued? Not this babe in the woods.

Oh, Nancy, quit being modest. You do look badass in that leather outfit. Except your shoulder pads are kind of big, but we won't judge.

Which of your five (or six!) senses would you say is the strongest? Your witch hunting sense or...

I wish it was my hearing, but that’s the first to go.  It’s probably my sense of smell.  I’m ultrasensitive to certain scent notes in candles and perfumes.  Boom – massive headache.

Little known fact: Wolverine has the same problem. Click on the pic to read the speech bubbles better.

I hope you're happy, Nancy. I ruined a perfectly good comic book image, just for you. 

Lollypops: are you a licker or a biter?

Let me see.  One, two, three, CRUNCH.

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Speaking of direwolves, do you have any pets?

Though I’m currently at a pet deficit, which I plan to resolve soon with the adoption of a new cat, I adore all things fur, feather and fin.  I’ve always shared my life and love with animals, from gerbils to Guinea pigs, aquarium frogs to foundling cats, my dad’s hunting dogs and a tank of pampered fish to a balcony hosting squirrels (including flying), five varieties of woodpeckers and a family of raccoons – I spoil them all.

That's so cool  what's it even like having a flying squirrel? I've never met anyone that's had one. Do they sell little aviator goggles for them?

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(Yes, I now want a flying squirrel, in case you were wondering. And I will name it Rocky and it shall be mine.)

Are you a good public speaker?

Actually, I am - once I learned how to conquer the terror the thought of it immediately inspires.  The idea of walking up in front of the class to put an assignment on the teacher’s desk used to make me hyperventilate. I’d prefer to write a 50-page essay than give a two minute speech.  But I do love to talk on any subject endlessly so I had to train myself to circumvent the fear by refusing to recognize it. I volunteer then don’t think about it until it’s time to write my speech. Then I rehearse until I’m comfortable saying the words and with the material and put it away. Out of sight out of mind until I have to get up in front of a half-dozen or several hundred. I take several slow deep breaths and go for it. The size of the group doesn't matter. I focus on one face at a time when I speak and force myself to pause frequently so my brain can catch up with my words. A simple technique but it works for me.

I tried out for a play at the Civic when I was 13 and was coincidentally picked to audition first. I immediately forgot every word of the Thomas Moore poem I had painstakingly spent the previous week learning, and then cried in front of 100 other kids for the awkward 30 seconds it took for someone to come lead me offstage. I did not get the part. 

Today in "Lessons from Nancy." Image Credit

What's your favorite holiday?

I’m a Christmas-aholic.  I collect everything from music boxes and CDs to Santa Clauses and nutcrackers. ’Tis the season to go overboard in my house. I love gift giving and baking and setting that perfect holiday table. Halloween is a close runner-up, probably because I write paranormals and love the drama.

Google Street View of Nancy's house on November 1. Image Credit

Are you scared of flying?

I love to travel and flying gets me where I want to go in two hours without having to stop for a bathroom every 40 miles.  I learned to drink coffee in an aviation class in 12th grade (I was one of three girls in the class—part of the appeal). My younger son volunteered at our local Air Zoo and snuck stick time on small planes whenever he could (including a couple of Warbirds!) and now is teaching my grandson to pilot R/C planes. I guess you could say we’re a heads in the clouds people. 

My husband loves airplanes and flies R/C's, too, and my youngest is showing a lot of interest in them. Me, though, not so much. The only time I've ever flown was to England, and I just happened to come home in the wee hours of the morning on September 11, 2001. So, waking up to the news that morning was pretty sobering and I vowed to take a boat or swim if I ever needed to go overseas again. 

Plus, I always see things like this on the news, and they don't exactly inspire confidence:

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Okay, let's talk about book stuff. Pick up the book closest to you. Turn to page 12. What's the first full sentence on the page?

Chance shook his head, a glint of amusement temporarily cutting through the pained expression on his face. “Lucky, you haven’t changed a goddamned bit, have you? Still a bossy little brat.”

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Okay, that was a paragraph. Do you recognize it?  You should. It’s from your book LUCKY IN LOVE, still on my desk from when you were a guest on my blog! A really fun read, BTW!

Oh, I see what you did, there, lady... I swear, readers, that I didn't tell her to plug my book!

Who is your favorite author of all time? (Not angling for another compliment here, folks, just a legitimate question. lol)

As a writer, Nora Roberts. I admire her seemingly effortless prose, prolific output and absolute professionalism.  As a reader, Dean Koontz.  He’s da man!

You have great taste. I can say that, because you just named off my two of my ever-changed but frequently-favorited authors.

What is your favorite genre overall?

I read and write everything so I don’t really have a favorite genre, but I do have a favorite element. I love anything with suspense, whether it’s wearing chainmail, taking SEAL training, or howling at the moon.

Sure, suspense is an element. But I'll bet I can think of another common appeal...

What are you currently working on?

I’m fine-tuning the ninth book in my “By Moonlight” dark paranormal series, REMEMBERED BY MOONLIGHT. It returns shape shifter Max Savoie and NOPD detective Charlotte Caissie as the main couple for an October, 2014 release.

I've got one of your By Moonlight books! It's literally next in the TBR stack and I'll be reading it by tomorrow. Just working my way through a Karen Robards, so you'll be in good company.  What book have you released most recently?

LOVE’S OWN REWARD written under pen name Dana Ransom was just reissued by BelleBooks/BellBridge Books on May 27th  – my birthday – as the first of four contemporaries in 2014!

Sweet! Talk about a happy birthday for you! Can we read a little of it?

Confronting her was the nicest denim-molded backside she’d ever seen. Whoever was rummaging about in the vegetable crisper of her refrigerator, it definitely wasn't Alan Peters!

Charley must have made some noise, for the forager called back cheerfully, “Good morning. How do you like your eggs? Over easy or scrambled?” He straightened and turned.

With one look at her stunned features, he nodded to himself and said, “Scrambled.”

Charley’s mouth opened and closed several times in soundless wonder. Who on earth was this absolutely gorgeous man taking control of her kitchen with more natural ease than she’d ever managed? She just stared. She couldn’t help it. His untidy brown hair looked finger-combed back from a moody brow and startlingly gray eyes.An overnight stubble darkened his firm jaw and made his mouth appear disarmingly soft in contrast. A white cotton sweatshirt clung to his broad shoulders and exposed very masculine forearms where its sleeves had been shoved up to the elbows. From beneath the hem of the blue jeans she’d already noticed in far too much detail, his feet were bare. “Ruggedly bed-rumpled” was the only way to describe him. And that evoked a more alarming question.

Where had he spent the night?

Noting her confusion with a slight lift of that mobile mouth, he turned back to the refrigerator. 

“How old is this milk?” When she didn’t answer—couldn’t answer—he popped open the spout and sniffed. His head jerked back as if a snake had jumped out at him. “Nevermind.” He upended it in the sink. “Why don’t you go sit down? I’ll have things ready in a minute.”

Obediently Charley stumbled to the breakfast bar and collapsed on one of the high stools.

She knew her jaw was sagging. She could feel the slack weight of it as she struggled valiantly for a stabilizing breath of air. She made a half-strangled noise like a sink gurgling.

“Coffee?” He was already pouring. She stared at the steaming mug in blank amazement.

“Cream? Sugar? Though God knows if you have any.”

“Black’s fine.”

“Ah, she talks. Good. If your hands are bothering you, that’s your prescription on the counter. I filled it for you last night.” At her distressed shift of expression he soothed, “Don’t worry. You were dead to the world. I figured it would be safer to leave you than to haul you around in a wheelbarrow.”

Charley’s mind was still laboring. Emotions were dulled. When she should have been having hysterics, she found herself only mildly bewildered. No, she definitely didn’t want to take any more painkillers. She already felt as stupid as a stump. All she could think of to say to him was, “You undressed me.”

He smiled. It was a very slow, very wide, very sexy smile. “No need to thank me. It was no trouble at all.” He was still grinning when he began to crack eggs into one of her little-used skillets.

Ooh, good stuff. Scrambled eggs, indeed. Where can we buy Loves Own Reward, should we be so inclined?

Barnes and Noble 

And say we want to obsessively follow every aspect of your career see what you're up to?

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(Please note: This is a joke. Stalkers are creepy. Especially stalkers in gillie suits. Don't stalk Nancy in a gillie suit.)


It's been a blast, Nancy - thanks for hanging out with us and we wish you many sales!  

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