Tuesday, June 17, 2014

MaGM #5: Meet Author Connie Bretes

So, when I get back my questionnaires for MaGM, usually the answers I receive are detailed and chatty. My next guest, though, has written more in the past year than probably Nora Roberts and Steven King combined. Plus, she works full-time, has a long commute (no time to dilly dally!) and she's a little shy--so we're going to call this the MaGM Lightning Round

Welcome to Meet and Greet Monday (ahem, Tuesday), where we pull an author or reader of romance out from out of that book they're buried in, drag them in front of everyone and introduce them! Please wave hello to today's featured guest, a MMRWA friend and new author, Connie Bretes!

(She barely left off writing long enough to let the photographer take this picture!)
Alright, brace yourself, Connie. Here come the just-because-I'm-nosy questions:

What's your favorite color? 


Okay, that was easy. Now, what's your middle name?


Good. I was just seeing if you were paying attention. Quick, if you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

Bionic ears.

Did you see that? No hesitation. Connie keeps a cool head under pressure.

And now I know what to get her for Christmas! Image Credit
But I'm just getting warmed up. Connie: have you ever gone bungee jumping? If not, would you? 

No, not on your life.

Are you sure? I've heard it's a lot of fun. Ask anyone that's tried it!

Image Credit
Next question! Have you ever met a celebrity?


Have you ever gone skinny dipping? 


Hmm. Ever had a secret admirer?


Scared to fly?


Now, Connie, I've got to get something juicy out of you. Like, stuff that no one else knows. Our readers expect it. Then, I promise I'll let you get back to writing! For example, have you ever had a really bad haircut? Be honest, now.

I had my hair cut, then permed. It turned into a frizzy Afro. It was horrible and made my face look tiny.

I'm sure it wasn't that bad. What kind of afro are we talking, here, anyway? Was it a free-form Bob Ross coiffure?

Image Credit

Or more of a, uh, stylized 'do?

Image Credit

And no worries, we all rock styles we regret at some point in our lives. Except me, of course. My hair is and always has been as fabulous as the rest of me.

Don't knock the leggings or the Farrah wings. It was the 80's.
Yeah. So. 

Much to Connie's relief, I'm changing the topic to books now. 

Pick up the book closest to you. Turn to page 12. What's the first full sentence on the page?

“Copper ringlets curled on her forehead and on her nape”

I should have asked what book! Now I'm picturing this:

Those probably aren't the copper ringlets you're referring to, though.

Who is your favorite author of all time? 

Victoria Holt.

What are you currently working on? 

Love Songs, getting it ready for release.

Such exciting words for a new author. Bet you don't get tired of saying them! What book have you released most recently? 

The Last Dig, released yesterday.

Woo! Congrats! I feel like I own a little of that excitement, having been one of the first to read it. Can we let everyone know what its about? 
Image Credit

Paleontologist Caroline Priest is shocked when she finds a dead body at her dig site. When she calls it in to the sheriff's department, her former boyfriend, Rand Callahan, comes out to investigate. The evidence quickly starts to point to Caroline being the killer, and Rand has no choice but to arrest her.

It's clear to Caroline that she's been set up, but by who and for what reason? While Caroline is out on bail, Rand rekindles his relationship with her as they try to solve the mystery before it's too late.

Where can we buy it? 

And the now-familiar stalker question: where can we find you at?

Just remember, friends... Image Credit

I'm so excited for your debut, Connie. Enjoy the ride and best wishes for tons and tons of book sales!  

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