Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Written? Kitten! Why I like it.

I love things that make me write faster, so when I saw a mention on Twitter about Written? Kitten!, a free online writer interface that rewards you with kittens every time you get to 100 words, I had to try it. I pulled up the tool and it was simply a pretty blue screen with a white text box and a little explanation of how things worked. You just click in the box and start typing.

Here's a recap of my experience with this Write or Die-like positive writing reinforcer:

Hello, my name is Kristen and I want to see a kitten. So I'm going to keep writing until I get to 100 words. I love Write or Die, but it scares me, and I'm really more the kitten type, so lets see how positive reinforcement works as compared to scary, scary spiders. Or, like in the original WoD version, screechy loud violin music or crying babies. That last one really got me at the time, since I was pregnant. Hmm... 20ish more words. What else can I say? I like your site. It's really cute and the blue is nice. 

Okay, I'm at 101. Where the hell is my kitten?

Now I'm sad. I was really looking forward to seeing a kitten, and I'm just not sure I can hang in there for another 100 words to see if it works at 200. Well, just about halfway there now, so might as well keep on trying. Ugh. Can I just ask why it's so easy to write 200 words here, when it's lame stuff about nothing, than it is to get them down on my manuscript? That makes me sadder. You know what would make me feel better? A kitten. 

And then, at 200 words, this pops up:

There it is! YAY!

Thank you. My morning is awesome, now.

I'm not sure what it is about earning the baleful stare of a green-eyed tabby that made me feel so accomplished, but it's true: my morning somehow is awesome now. Despite the lack of a kitten* at the first 100 words, I'll definitely be using Written?Kitten! again and will highly recommend it to my writer friends.

*They also offer puppies and bunnies, if you're allergic to digital cats.

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