Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Faster, faster!

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I'm coming up on my self-imposed deadline quickly. The next MMRWA meeting is on Saturday, June 15th, and the goal I set last time was to have 100 pages written by then. I'm now at 159 pages, with 31 more to hit 190... so that averages around eight pages per night.

"I can do this, right?" she asks tentatively.

Thirty-one pages? Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

But just in case do I run into problems meeting my goal, I've spent a valuable half-hour doing some speed-writing research. If you're struggling with a sluggish writing pace, here are a few articles that might help:

The Snowflake Method (Too late for my current book, but maybe for the next?)
How Many Words in a Day? (I thought this was really interesting!)
Writing Secrets of Prolific Authors
Write Fast Enough to Stay Ahead of the Doubts

Image Credit: The Selvedge Yard
Want to go even faster? Try:

What I Learned from doing NaNoWriMo
How to Write a Book in Three Days (Note to self: revisit this article!)

Are you a speed demon writer or a slow-and-steady kind of gal? Do you have any tips on getting that word count to skyrocket or are you of the school that believes watching your numbers go up is a surefire creativity killer?

Help a sistah out - share what works for you!

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