Thursday, August 29, 2013

Today's Excerpt from Lucky in Love

Image Credit: Xfinity
I prowled through the room, looking for air vents, deadly weapons, or escape hatches, and tried to keep Chance and the others out of my head. The all had to be alive. I was sure that Dominick would want to toy with everyone a bit more before his big dénouement, and if they were here, which I desperately hoped, they were probably in other rooms nearby. I'd hit my fists as hard as I could against all of the walls in the room, hoping at the least to get some kind of a response and at best to suddenly find superhuman strength and knock a me-sized hole in the wall, but from the dull thumps and sore fists that resulted, I figured the walls were heavily soundproofed and reinforced.

My inventory left me with nothing more deadly than a toothbrush, a bottle of expensive French perfume and the vase on the table. If I were MacGuyver, I'd already be out of here, but since I was just plain old Lucky MacFarlane, I was shit out of luck. I did, however, have the means to smell good and keep my teeth clean while I was confined. 

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