Friday, May 16, 2014

Five Things Friday

Meet the faces hiding behind the books.
A quick list of random things, in no particular order:

#1 Thundercats are go for #MaGM.
It's official: starting on Monday, I'll be interviewing readers and writers of romance for my new blog feature, Meet and Greet Mondays. Matter of fact, it's so official, it even has it's own registered hashtag

#2 If you're coming out of anesthesia, try not to speak. At all.
Just hypothetically speaking, of course, because you might do one of the following things: 
  • Call the nurse by a co-worker's name and ask her to cover the reception desk for you, because you're going home for the day.
  • Overhear the doctor telling your mother that he didn't find anything wrong with you during the tests and holler "Well, f*ck!"
  • Loudly call the anesthesiologists sneaky bastards because they didn't warn you before they knocked you out. 
  • When the nurse refers to you as "kid," indignantly inform her that you're almost 34 years old and you're not a child... and you'll sound just like a 4 year-old when you say it.
#3 If you live in Michigan, cover your plants tonight. 
There's another frost advisory. What month are we in again?

#4 Motown released it's first hit on this day in 1964.
It was Mary Wells' My Guy

#5 If it looks like a baby chicken, peeps like a baby chicken and a duck sat on it for 20+ days, then trust me, it's a baby duck. 
I discovered this exact situation at my farm last week: Mama Duck doesn't care if her "ducklings" look like chickens. She will still bite your face off if you try to argue semantics with her. 

That's all. Have a great weekend!  

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