Friday, May 9, 2014

Five Things Friday

A quick list of random things, in no particular order:

Happy Mama's Day, all you mamas. Image Credit: Elis Lids
Fact #1: You should be celebrating Independence Day today!
(If you live in Romania.)

Fact #2: I'd like to feature you on my blog.
If you're reading this post, I'm going to make the assumption that you're a writer of romance, a reader of romance or a close relative of mine. Specifically, I'm looking for romance writers and readers to interview for a new blog feature called "Meet and Greet Monday," but if you're a close relative of mine and would like to be on my blog, feel free to message me, too. 

Fact #3: Meet and Greet Monday will not start this Monday.
Instead, I'll be prepping for a colonoscopy and an upper endoscopy... and that's all I'm going to say about that. You're welcome.

Fact #4: Jaxon is not really Justin Bieber's first cousin.
Book #3 is rolling right along and Cora just told Jaxon she doesn't care if he's Justin Bieber's first cousin, he doesn't have the right to trash her aunt's hotel room. They don't like each other. Yet.

Fact #5: Are you a mom? If so, you're not the Best Mom in the World.
I'm sorry. That title belongs to my mom. But I'll bet you're an extremely close second and I hope you have a WONDERFUL Mother's Day! 

That's all. Have a great weekend! [  

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