Friday, May 23, 2014

Five Things Friday

#1 My gallbladder is a rowdy punk and I now glow in the dark.
I've been in and out of the doctor's for the past several months, probably for a funky gallbladder, although that's still not confirmed. Yesterday, I got radioactive dye injected into my arm and then they put me under a machine to watch what happened. I asked the nurse whether she could see my gallbladder, did it have a mohawk and was it flipping her off. Hopefully she won't recommend me for a neuro scan next.

#2 For some reason, this song is now stuck in my head.

#3 It's going to be a Cub Scout kind of weekend.
I'm going to be hanging out with these guys on Saturday and Monday:

We'll be planting flags at a military cemetery on Saturday and participating in a Memorial Day Parade on Monday.

#4 These two are mine.
The little one doesn't know he's not a Cub Scout.

#5 Monday is Memorial Day.
Please be sure to thank your troops for their service.

That's all. Have a wonderful weekend!  

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