Thursday, May 29, 2014

Top 5 Reasons I've Procrastinated on Writing This Week. (With Pictures.)

5. There was a buzzing outside my window in the lilac bush and I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out if it was a baby hummingbird or a freakishly large moth.

Image Credit
I'm still not absolutely sure.

4. I started picking out patterns in the textured ceiling of our living room.

Image Credit
If you connect the dots right, you can see Jimmy Fallon's face.

Image Credit
3. There was a tickle on the back of my neck and I thought for a second it was a spider. It wasn't. I don't think. *shudder*
Image Credit
I had to jump up and do the heebie-jeebie dance to make sure, though.

2. I remembered there were leftover frosted lemon sugar cookie bars in my kitchen. 'Nuf said.

Recipe Here (I just added lots of lemon zest to the cookies and left the icing white.)
1. But mostly, I was a victim of this phenomenon:

Image Credit: Pinterest
Anyone else have this problem? Happy Thursday and here's hoping for a very productive day.  

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